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David & Sabera Lee and family

David Lee, The Cash Flow Investor brings to you over 25 years of business experience that encompasses property investment, internet marketing, copywriting, mentoring, business systems analysis, world economics, branding and communications, public speaking as well as being an author. Quite an accomplishment from breaking away from a life of being employed, self-employed, to self-independent and financially free within a few years.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, David migrated to the United Kingdom in 1994 with his wife, Sabera, and young family. Whilst spending the first few years working long and hard to establish a new life in a foreign country, David decided to embark upon a career change that he would bring the financial freedom that wasn’t forthcoming with the daily grind of working hard and not smart.

Although well-versed with the readings of Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad), George S. Glason (The Richest Man in Babylon), Harry S. Dent Jr (The Great Boom Ahead – 1993 & The Great Depression Ahead – 2009), and more, David deliberately sought out mentors to transform the theory into practice. This one move would prove to be the vital turning point to breaking away from the corporate life that David felt was enslaving him to just living above their means as the never-ending expenses of raising a family tends to do.

David returned to his native Australia in March 2002 where he became one of the very first protégés of the emerging property tycoon, Rick Otton . From these humble beginnings David and Rick worked closely to develop and implement brand new  methods of cash flow investing techniques for the UK market that Rick was launching into the Australian and New Zealand markets. All this was overseen by Sabera, who had her initial doubts about the project until she could see the results with her own eyes.

Working alone and surviving on his own initiative very often, it was David the took the responsibility of helping their UK lawyers to develop the paperwork documents that David would subsequently go out and implement as he bought and sold property using system known as instalment contracts, lease options, sandwich options, as well as assisted sales. At first David was buying property in the conventional manner with a mortgage and on-selling using an instalment contract or lease option, but eventually they were able to introduce the “How to Buy a House for a Pound”techniques from 2007 that completely bypassed the need to ever apply for a bank mortgage.

In order to educate the British market on the existence of these alternative strategies to the traditional Buy to Let philosophy that was highly dependent on a rising market and capital growth dependency, David had to invest much time and money training himself to bring this awareness to the property investor community.

As a result, David found himself being trained by some of the world’s most capable and diverse mentors from the fields of internet marketing David Cavanagh, Armand Morin, Stephen Pierce, personal branding and communications Joel Bauer , copywriting Alan Forrest Smith, and has been referred to a success story by these famed mentors. Despite all the challenges of gaining the acceptance of such radical changes to the wider market, it was this wide skillset that helped propel David and Rick to the attention of an initially doubting public.

For the first time ever Passion2Profit is coming to the UK, giving the British public their first opportunity to attend this widely acclaimed business and life training weekend! With David’s international business experience, plus David and Sabera’s long experience in running live training events in the past, there are no missing links for you not to get the FULL Passion2Profit experience!