P2P002: Why You Need Basic Computer Skills

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My name is David Lee. Welcome to this presentation, “Why You Need Basic Computer Skills”. If you’re in small business and just starting out, overheads and costs are an absolute killer. What can we do to help you get along, learning some basic computer skills that really aren’t so difficult to learn, but will save you a fortune.

I am going to break this down into 3 parts:

1) Save Yourself A Fortune

2) High Leverage Low Cost

3) Easy To Learn

If you are willing to approach it in the right way. So, let’s get started.

Part 1: Save Yourself A Fortune

I know when you want to start a business or you have a business you really have to watch the expenses that are going out your pocket and into somebody else’s pocket. How would it be if the money stayed with you just like in the photograph that gentleman with all that money front of him that he’s saved as well?

Well that’s really what I’m talking about. How can you do the same? Many of the skills that you can use are very, very simple to learn if you’re willing to. Now many people that I meet say just straight away, the words come out, “I’m afraid of the computer. I’m a technophobe. I can’t learn it, it’s too difficult.”

And yet, where they are in their life today, having gone to university or a college education, or worked in industry, they’ve probably got skills that are way beyond what I’m talking about here with learning some basic computer skills. So, if you’re up for it, if you’re willing to give it a go, I’ll give you some examples.

Now, for one example all I’m doing here is I’m in a room by myself, with a white background. I have a PowerPoint presentation, so not only can you see me and you see that I am just talking without reading any script and no lines. You can see the presentation in front of you, and that is the idea! I want my presentation to be effective so that when I speak to you, you can see what I’m talking about.

Now why can’t you do exactly the same as what I’m doing? Let more people know about you, about your business and use the Internet, use the technology, to your advantage. Literally, I set this myself up in 5 minutes. I did the presentation. It took a little bit of time, but why can’t you do exactly the same? You’re communicating to the world. You are saving yourself a fortune.

Other examples of this is you can be writing articles and putting on the Internet. You can be doing audios and having your own Podcast just to be able to communicate. And a lot of this is free!

Part 2: High Leverage Low Cost

Take a look at that (picture). It’s exactly what you want. A small amount of money, a small amount of effort, and yet you can reach the world! When I talk people they quite often talk about their local neighbourhood or their local High Street and setting up a shop or an office that people can walk in the door.

Well with the computer, with technology, you can have the whole world walk into your door and introduce yourself to the world. You see it’s not like before! Much of what I talk about here and what I discuss at my live training Passion2Profit is a means for you to be able to start up your own business, or get it running more efficiently, do it on a part-time basis so you don’t have to quit your job. You get the high leverage. You get a targeted audience and then therefore the risk factor is so low compared to anything else. It’s so low compared to what has been a traditional way of doing business.

Part 3: Easy To Learn

It is easy to learn, it really is! People go back to school, go back to university to learn all these skills and yet what I teach at Passion2Profit I have all ages, just like this lady. She’s actually learning computer skills and that wasn’t available before.

So what can you be doing to learn this? What l suggest: you have a computer. Well you must have a computer if you are watching this now. You learn some simple skills like, how to use video, how to use something like Microsoft Word, how to use PowerPoint.

Now if you need to, just ask the school-age child, like here in the photograph to teach you some of these skills or go to college or an evening class or a day class and learn some of these basic computer skills. I would suggest you just learn the very basics and, if you need to, just pin up on the local noticeboard at the local university that you want some basic computer skills training at a time to suit. It won’t cost you that much. It will be work for the student at a flexible time that they can come and teach you some of these skills.

Remember, basic Office skills if you’re using a PC. How to use Word. How to set up a video. I’ve got a webcam that I’m talking to right here and now. How to set up a Google account. How to set up a YouTube account.

If you want, come to Passion2Profit and I will show you this. But it is very easy to learn, in fact you will get takeaways on what you’ve got to do in the 30 days subsequent to Passion2Profit.


This is David Lee. I hope this has given you an oversight into what is available now that was not available in the past that you could be applying on a part-time basis while you’re working, if you’re unemployed, if you if you’ve got kids in the house and you want to be able to start running something from a home business, this is a way to do it. I’ll in fact give you a challenge at Passion2Profit to show you what you can do.

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