Why You Need A System

A System Is The Key. We’ll be talking about that. If you know formula for success, what successful people do…they all have system. Would you like to discover why you need a system? We’ll be talking about that.

Along the way you want to learn how to Document And Delegate. Watch your system grow. Create those systems, the processes, the steps that are required. These are the things that make the difference between somebody that’s just running around being busy and somebody that’s got a plan of action. And that’s what’s needed, a plan.

Because what’s the end-goal? Is the end-goal to keep working and working and tiring yourself out (with) never-ending chores to do? You’re spending your weekends doing tax returns, doing accounts…you don’t want! You want an Automated Business, don’t you? That’s what we’re going to be discovering, how you can find the fast track to success!

1. A System Is The Key

Yes, so many people try to recreate the same old formula because they look around and see what everybody else is doing.

Passion2Profit: how to express yourself, how to create systems you need to delegate to others, automate what you’ve got to. Because then when you’ve done all these steps the business will start running.

And how would it be that the business runs without you? You just go out and look good business, new opportunities, look for new technologies. Whatever is required to work on the business rather than in the business. We don’t want to be the cog, one of the many cogs to keep the machine going. That’s not way it goes!

2. Document And Delegate

Part of what we do is document and delegate. So as you’re starting off and you’re formulating the system you can be therefore documenting, recording so that you can  pass on to others because you’re going to become a leader by default. If you want your business to grow you must become a leader. Because your business needs other people, other processes. You interact with retailers, wholesales, others that you want to bring into your business because you need them or you can’t do it all yourself.

So think from the outset, “How can I document?”, “How can I instruct others?” It doesn’t even have to be the written word, it can be by video! You can talk it through recorded, have it transcribed. There! Talk it through! Get a recording of it, then it gets transcribed by somebody else. There’s a quick step. You won’t have to be writing all the time.

3. Automate Your Business

This is what we do. We make the system automated! If you can make your system automated you not the cog in the wheel. You’re not the guy that’s running around there that has to be at the coalface all the time. You want to be an entrepreneur, a leader,  somebody that’s running the business don’t you?

At Passion2Profit  we show you how to do these steps. What’s needed. How to communicate with media, how to communicate the TV stations, the radio, get yourself in the newspaper, make the logical choice for people to want to do business with you. And we show you why they would want to do business with you as opposed to everybody else does all the same.

I’ll give you an example. Drive down the motorway next time and have to look at all the advertisements you see on the cars driving past…all the vans. Thirty seconds later I bet you’ve forgotten what it’s even said. Why don’t you have something that makes you stand out as memorable? People will want to go find you.

At Passion2Profit we will show you all these tips, techniques, tricks…well they’re not tricks! What they are…are really ways that set you apart from everybody else. Yet most people don’t do it.

I’d love to see you at passion of Passion2Profit here in the United Kingdom where you will get all weekend of training that you’ve never before. You’re my guest. Be there. It will be the best business decision you’ve ever made.

Thank you very much. This is David Lee from Passion2Profit.

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