Discover & Unlock Your True Passion,

Monetise Your Dreams, And Make

Money Doing What You Love To Do!


David will demonstrate exactly what you need to do to increase your profits. From simple techniques to positioning yourself as an expert, even to the marketing of yourself, and your product, you will learn additional ways to profit even more doing what it is you love to do.

You might already be extremely passionate about something, but your passion may be consuming your 
whole life. David will teach you how to simplify and structure your passion so that you have more freedom 
and time to do other important things in your life, like spending quality time with your loved ones.

No matter the current state of your business, or where you are in life, David Lee’s Passion2Profit experience will teach you how to transform your business. Even if you follow just a few 
of the techniques that David teaches, you can increase dramatically the quality of your life, and 


You Will Also Learn How To Present Yourself

In A Way That Is Unforgettable, Persuade

The Resistant To Your Way Of Thinking And

Preserve Those Relationships So They

Produce Profits For Life


Be Prepared To Learn…


How To Identify Your True Passion


David will take you through a proven process to unlock what it is you’re truly passionate about in life. If it has been a struggle to find your life’s purpose, David allows you to ask yourself some pretty tough questions to unveil some very profound answers and help you to get some long awaited clarity. Just knowing your true passion is going to move you forward leaps & bounds in life, you will now have a new direction and can live life with clarity and purpose.


The Importance Of Systems


David has spent his entire working career developing business systems, most notably those that he launched together with Rick Otton known as “How to Buy a House for a Pound”. As such, David has readily been able to apply and refine Joel Bauer’s Passion2Profit system into a British context. A business without systems is no business at all. The systems the you will be shown can be adapted to your specific business needs that can be replicated over and over again.

Everything Joel and David have done in their respective careers have been founded on utilising replicatible business systems. Systems must be ones that work every single time based upon absolute fact. Nothing taught in Passion2Profit has been based on guesswork, but over 40 years of in the field trial and error!


Identifying Why Small Businesses Fail


With so many would-be entrepreneurs going from employee to small business owner, why is it that the vast majority either fail, if not only manage to become a self-employee with no time left to spare? The dream of freedom feels more like a never-ending burden of financial survival.

Whether you are a small business owner specialising in property, retail, trades, shop owner, restauranteur, website developer, etc, the key to attracting and retaining customers depends much more on the business skills that are common throughout. Yet, where did you ever get the essential training needed to figure it all out? You now have found the place at Passion2profit!


The Head And Heart Of Negotiation


Without this depth of understanding you will go through your personal and business life having people resist whatever you have to offer. With information overload the default answer to your business proposition is likely to be “No” from the outset. Both men and women typically have their respective strengths and weaknesses when it comes to negotiating through a combination of logic (head) and emotion (heart).

What you will discover is that you have possibly been negotiating all wrong and nobody ever told you why! If you learn what to say and how to say it in a way that opens up people like never before, what difference would that make to your bottom line? You are a book being judged by your cover, and you are being judge good or bad in the first few seconds in person and online. How are you going to make it count in your favour? David will show you how!


How To See The Future Today


If you could see clearly what was coming around the corner, would you take the appropriate action in advance? You would think so, yet most people are not interested in planning their personal and financial future! They live for today and make their decisions on information based upon today and the past, not the future.

David will explain the 3 golden rules of world economics and prove how he has repeatedly anticipated future eventualities based on his ongoing research over the last 20 years. “If you base your future business decisions on the last 20 years, you are in for a big shock!”, says David. “The next 20 years economically will be nothing like the last 20 years.”

David demonstrates exactly how he knew in 1993 that the greatest boom in history would be followed by the greatest bust! “What awaits is the greatest opportunity for those that are willing to embrace and act upon the upcoming changes.”


How To Create Your System


Learn to monetise your passion through the creation of your very own system. David will teach the importance of why you need your own system as well as every component of your system. If you are passionate about something or have specialised knowledge in some area then you have everything you need to create your own unique system and David will teach you how.

Everyone talks about creating multiple streams of passive income, but did they ever show you how it’s done in practice? Whatever your passion or specialised knowledge, there are almost certainly other people that would benefit from your life experience. With only 24 hours in the day, why waste more of your life when you could automate and distribute it?


Marketing Your System Online & Offline


You need a strategic marketing funnel that captures prospects both online and offline. In fact, unless you have implemented a systemised methodology in your business then it’s just like in darts trying to hit a bullseye whilst blindfolded!

David will break down how he has used multiple contact ways and means from business card, leaflets, newspaper advertisements, car signage, etc to get people to follow up with you online after you captured their attention and give them a compelling reason to want to give you their contact details online!


How To Answer The All Important

Question, “What Do You Do?”


How often do you get asked this question? With little or no thought you regurgitate something that either makes sound like everyone else in your industry, or you confuse the living daylights out of the poor unfortunate person that wishes he never asked you the question in the first place.

David will demonstrate this very early in the training just how much people get this wrong. After all, if you did business with everyone you greeted and then handed your business card to, you wouldn’t need to even attend Passion2profit. You don’t know the answer and it’s costing you millions!


Differentiation Techniques


In a world where most people look and sound the same, how difficult do you think it would be don’t want to stand out and be noticed? It is not difficult all! So why is it that so few are willing to do it?

David says, “It’s not like being the dutiful employee who goes about his or her business without fuss. In fact, you sometimes have to go against these conditioned instincts and let everyone know your achievements and how they can benefit from them!” If you think the world is going to knock on your door by chance, you may as well go back to your employer and ask for that job back.


How To How To Present Yourself In A

Way So That You Are Unforgettable


A multimillionaire friend of David once told the story of when he took his young baby down to the clinic, and the receptionist gave him a medical welfare form to complete. He realised that she assumed because of the scruffy shorts and t-shirt he was wearing that he must have been on welfare like the others dressed in this way.

Like it or not, you are being judge from the moment of contact. How well or badly are people responding to you? David teaches his proven techniques of wrapping your package, and how to establish instant rapport, credibility and trust in just 4 seconds. Even the most sceptical disbelievers have changed their thinking on this having tested it for themselves after attending Passion2Profit.


How To Develop Your Quick Pitch


How often is it that someone is ready to do business with you on meeting them the first time? Not often? If I have heard the same spiel that comes out of your mouth a thousand times before, why should I deem you as the only logical choice that I would choose to do business with?

Grab your prospect by the throat with your words. You need them to be saying things like, “I want to know more”, or “That’s sounds like something I’d be interested in.” Yet, has that been your experience from your make-or-break 30 seconds of “What is it you do?” Have your prospect engaged and wanting to buy all that you offer.


How To Qualify A Prospect In 4 Seconds


What difference would it make to have a system in place that filters out real prospects from time wasters in a matter of seconds? Unfortunately most people out there just use random words and get random results when it comes to networking. David teaches you how to qualify a prospect in just four seconds, no matter your niche or area of expertise.

You are going to be able to become effective, perhaps for the very first time, once you have mastered the words that work! With all that specialised knowledge you’ve got, don’t let it go to waste because you lack the communication skills! Learning the art of persuasion is something that was never taught at school or university, yet is part and parcel of carrying out everyday business.


Creating The Multimedia & Virtual You


With technology moving ahead in leaps and bounds over the last decade you can no longer afford not to embrace it. Never before in human history have we been able to connect with the whole world at the “push of a button”, or should I say “click of a mouse”. Yet, if I went to research your business online, what would I find?

In this day and age you can create the virtual you that works non-stop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Yet, David’s research has shown that most Passion2Profit may as well been invisible to the public eye, and they wonder why they are not doing more business. David will reveal how to revamp your online presence so the market is chasing you, and not the other way around!


The Gift Shift


You’ve never heard this and it alone is easily worth price of the entire event. This is a state of being that envelopes you when you have the product or service that you know the other person is in desperate need of. This is the culmination of having identified your passion, created the system around it, ad then being able to deliver it in a way that your potential customers can not say no!


How To Write & Publish Your

Book In Less Than 72 Hours


You know that being an author gives you instant credibility in your field of expertise, yet have you ever gotten around to write your story? If celebrities in their busy lives can get their book written, why can’t you? Do you actually think that those same celebrities sat down and typed out their book? Hardly!

David teaches how you can write and publish your own book in less than 72 hours. He will show you how he got his new book written with just a few hours of his personal input, plus how you can create your own eBooks that become your “story” and credibility builder that you currently don’t have. He will demonstrate how you can write a “sold out best seller” in minutes!


The Principle Of Social Proof


In a court of law you are deemed innocent until proven guilty, yet in the open marketplace you are guilty until proven innocent! So why is it that you believe the marketplace judges YOU any different from what they have seen on TV, heard on the radio, or read in the newspapers? You may as well take the approach that no one believes what you say about yourself, and that they are much more likely to believe what others say about you!

Learn the principle of social proof, and why you absolutely need testimonials. This technique alone has the potential to dramatically increase your income. You will be shown the exact steps on how to capture different types of testimonials, but most importantly video testimonials. According to David, “I see people spend so much money on websites that have absolutely ZERO social proof!” David will break you of this unforgivable marketing mistake once and for all.


The Basis Of Graphics For Presenting


Be sure to bring your digital camera with you and be dressed for success! David teaches the basics on graphics and recommends programs that you can use immediately to create emotionally engaging visuals and graphics. You will be able to get in front of a blue key screen so that your photos can quickly and easily cut out and used on your websites and other marketing representations.




Learn some of the resources that David uses to package your system, including where to publish and print your book. You will know exactly how David produces his own marketing at very little cost, yet is highly effective!


How To Develop Your Outsource Team


With virtual outsource staff growing in demand in this internet world, how are you going to develop and grow your team. The fact is that most business owners have no blueprint on how to go about it. They simply assume they can hand over the workload and their outsource worker will know exactly what to do!

You will get the blueprint that David uses to develop an small team and how you can keep control of the process. David will explain how to create original content that your outsource team can disburse over the internet in multiple formats like video, audio, articles, podcasts and blogs.


Speak To The World From

Behind Your Computer


Is there any reason you could not be the trusted authority speaking to a large audience from the convenience of home? David has run hundreds of webinars over the last few years for training, selling, interviewing. They are a fantastic and affordable means for leveraging your time, knowledge and income potential. How difficult are they to run? David will show you, perhaps by demonstration should he have an invited guest attending live from anywhere in the world!


How To Buy A House For A Pound


As the co-creator of the “How to Buy a House for £1” systems with Rick Otton, David is now integrating his property systems into the Passion2Profit presentation. Everything that you learn from the core Passion2Profit training can be readily assimilated into marketing the specialised property knowledge like lease options, sandwich options, assisted sales and instalment contracts.

If you thought that David’s professional background was limited by Passion2Profit, you will soon discover that he has assembled all of these systems from the beginning would people said “it couldn’t be done”, “won’t work”, “illegal” or “it won’t take on over here”. In fact, David has been using these systems since 2003 and has trained many of today’s property experts that charge thousands now for their training courses!