Welcome to Passion2Profit UK

Welcome to Passion2Profit UK

When Joel Bauer first suggested my wife Sabera and I run Passion2Profit on his behalf we didn’t know what to say, one way or the other. Having attended several of Joel’s business awareness trainings in Australia and the United States since 2007, I knew that there was no way that I could ever be Joel Bauer!

However, with each suggestion I came to realise that my 20 years of business systems development in multiple industries, plus having been celebrated numerous times as one of Joel successes, I appreciated more and more that I could offer my own perspective to Joel’s Passion2Profit training.

As I have forewarned people for sometime now, often to deaf ears, the current global and economic crisis was foreseeable and they needed to be prepared for a long financial winter season. Having spent the last 10 years introducing business solutions to property investment community, I wanted to expand my net and encompass everyone who runs a small business.

In fact, people nowadays are considering starting up own their own out of frustration of an employment market that is spiralling downwards as unemployment rises. The same was true in the last Great Depression where the next generation of entrepreneurs founded their fledgling businesses.

Passion2Profit is VERY different to any other live training event that I have ever attended. There are no multiple speakers, it’s very intimate and focuses on helping people build their own business, and themselves, from the ground up.

Please watch out for the upcoming launch details in the next few weeks.

David Lee

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