The Misunderstood Helping Hand

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This actually happened to me on Tuesday and the aftermath got me thinking about you! It is how 2 people at the same time and same place, same event, can have completely different experiences…

Scenario 1: I was standing by the roadside in the gutter waiting to cross the road in front of heavy traffic. Several motorbikes were approaching very close to the gutter.

Scenario 2: A woman is walking towards me in the gutter and proceeds to walk around me, and the gutter, onto the roadside. I grabbed her wrist immediately and said, “Watch out!” She immediately wrenches her wrist out of my hand in fright/anger and continues walking.

How differently we interpret events in our lives!

The same for Passion2Profit, for example, where at the same time, same place, same event people can have a completely different experience…and a completely different outcome!

Do you realise that I am grabbing you by the wrist as well to prevent similar dangers that probably you can not even see coming either?

If you are not reading the danger signs you will be lulled into thinking the the UK economy is motoring away from the rest of the world! I will prove that this is a false economy and how you can avoid the dangers that I see equally well with that passer-by in the street.

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