Thank You Joel Bauer

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Do you really think that any stage presenter in wealth creation is 100% self-made? How is it possible for anyone to have such a diverse range of skills without some kind of intervention from someone else skilled in those particular areas like public speaking, business development, personal expertise or self-marketing?

Yet, how rare is it for anyone to recognise those that have helped them on their journey? I have watch former property students of mine tell their story, waiting in anticipation for the part where I had helped them make their first baby steps in the latter found expertise…only to be left out and disappointed how easy iit is to forget.

When I developed the property systems that evolved into “How to Buy a House for £1” it was me that liaised with the legal people, investigated how the banks, estate agents and every one interacted with each other, and saw how to “thread the needle” to make them work. I was the one to go through the buy and sell process many times over from acquisition to onselling through to completion. I also did all of the UK documentation in Rick Otton’s systems as I was the one that had the first-hand local knowledge. It really was a joint effort, but with me doing what I was skilled at from my previous work experience.

In marketing those systems I knew at the time that I too was not skilled in public speaking and communicating a message to an audience that was completely alien to what we were doing. That is why I went to Joel Bauer, and I am so glad I did! I must have done something right as Rick Otton’s property systems took off across the country, and others imitated within months what we had taken years to develop through trial and (much) error.

As we move along I am now fortunate enough to help others the same way Joel helped me years ago. I know the system like the back of my hand, and in my own style I am creating an event that simply can not be imitated, no matter if they call it “Passionfruit to Profit”, “Passion Into Profit”, “Passion 4 Profits”, etc. Passion2Profit UK is the combination of Joel Bauer’s original content assembled over 40 years and added to that the 25 years of my experience that is now Passion2Profit UK.

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