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The Right Products Or Services, And What

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* No Multi-Speaker Tease And Sell!

* No Never-Ending Upsell Funnel!

* No Mind Games To Pressure You To Buy!

* No Untried Theory That Can’t Be Proved!

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Guest presenters Fion Chen & Christine Blackledge

Celebrating International Women’s Day (8th March) with
Guest Presenters Fion Chen & Christine Blackledge

Click here for Fion and Christine’s media release!


Recognising Women In Business

On International Women’s Day!

For women especially, I am inviting my star Passion2Profit graduates, Fion Chen and Christine Blackledge, to talk about their business fortunes as a direct result of this same workshop that you will be attending.

Both ladies have had life challenges thrown at them! They have been instructed to tell it as it is! This is a rare chance for me to get both of these busy ladies from different parts of the country in the same room at the same time! Not to be missed!



Empire Way, Wembley,
London, United Kingdom HA9 8DS

Saturday & Sunday
7th – 8th March • 2015

Registration Saturday 8:00am For 9:00am Start
Event Ends 7:00pm Saturday and 5:30pm Sunday


For The Price Of A Book I’ll Give You A

Weekend Of The Most Comprehensive

Business Systems, Sales & Marketing

Workshop Where You Leave With A

30-Day Action Plan And Beyond!


So What Is It You Are Looking For?

What business to start?

Where to get started?

How to get customers?

What are the right selling words?

How to keep costs down?


What’s Holding You Back?

Having confidence in yourself?

Little money to get started?

Fear of failure?

More money going out than coming in?

No support network?

If I am right, then you are no different to me when I started out. In fact, you are no different to most people starting out. And it doesn’t matter what business you are in, whether you are a plumber, beautician, massage therapist, professional landlord, fitness trainer, website developer, builder, restaurant owner or any other small business owner…the bottom line is without customers your business will not survive!


“Who Is David Lee?”


David Lee, business & property systems specialist, entrepreneur and author

That’s the question you should be asking, followed by, “Why should I listen to you?” After all, you must have heard all this before, and where has it got you?

The chances are we would never have crossed paths if I didn’t change my direction in life 11 years ago. You would have found me still solving big business problems at a corporate level as I had done for the previous 15 years!

Through my interest in studying the global economy for the last 20 years I was fully aware the greatest boom in history would be followed by the inevitable greatest bust! No one wanted to believe it possible, but I knew back then I had no choice but to prepare for what was coming next.

My colleague and I took the concept of buying and selling residential property without applying for a new mortgage. The unique approach was to keep the existing mortgage in place while creating a paperwork system that allowed sellers to move out and buyers to move in.

So when the banking crisis eventually arrived in 2008 the previously laughed at catchphrase “How to Buy a House for a Pound” became widespread within the UK property community.

The point is, despite all the objections like, “Too good to be true!”, “What’s the catch?”, “It must be illegal”, we had a system in place to succeed and take it nationwide! You too need a system and solid foundations if you are looking to grow your business as well. That’s where I can help you!

Click Play to watch the results of Christine Blackledge’s media campaign


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2 Days Passion2Profit (Value £1,997)


“What Is Passion2Profit?”

My Passion2Profit business training event was born from seeing so many small business owners committing the same fundamental errors time and time again. My real strengths are being able to identify and break down complex systems into their isolated components and then work out what needs to be added, changed or replaced!

Having done that in business for 25 years I am pretty good at it now. Just look at the “How to Buy a House for £1” systems that I worked on in association with Rick Otton. Where I can help you is being able point out what needs doing differently that can make the difference between failure and outright success.


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Let’s Get To The Heart Of Your Business And FOREVER STOP You:

Taking shortcuts by having no structured system in place

Using verbal/written language that turns customers away

Making rushed decisions about business or property transactions that you later regret

Having the same “look and feel” marketing system as your competitors

Having wishful intentions of helping your customers without sufficiently understanding your own business first


So what are you looking for…shortcuts, following a formula that’s not working, saying you don’t want to “get rich quick” but you really do, having the money roll in with little or no effort? I have seen this behaviour for myself so many times, so if that’s what you are looking for then Passion2Profit is not for you! YOU CAN LEAVE THE PAGE NOW!

Click Play for Jini Pinto and her 6-figure job (plus profit share) working from home


This GIFTED OFFER When You Order Book @ £21.99 (P+P inc.)

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2 Days Passion2Profit (Value £1,997)


Passion2Profit Business, Sales

And Marketing Workshop

Here is what Passion2Profit will do for you individually and for your small business, if you allow it to and are prepared to dedicate your time and effort to your personal and financial future.

It doesn’t matter what your business is. What you see below covers all! Apart from your specialised business expertise, what you see below is the bigger piece of the pie that determines whether you succeed or whether you don’t.

Here is what you will be able to take away with you from Passion2Profit:

How to create your business system for little cost

How to create attention so that people find you

How to make yourself unforgettable when they do find you

What are the right selling words?

How to create offline and online marketing systems that run on autopilot

How to develop your ‘quick pitch’ and not get stuck for words

How to qualify a prospect within seconds of meeting them

How to negotiate with both sides of the brain emotionally and logically

How to brand yourself in photos and video

How to capture effective customer video testimonials

How to create your online or physical book in less than 72 hours

How to predict the economic future and steer clear of trouble

How to develop an outsource team and avoid the most common problems

How to build an online viral marketing system using your team

Click here for more details about Passion2Profit


I can tell you now that my life experience and first-hand knowledge are not “like something else” you may like to compare me with. The whole business system that I personally use will be revealed over the first two days. You will have the same learning experience that you can start implementing immediately.

Listen from Joel Bauer to what a Passion2Profit student did that resulted in
her massive business growth in 4 months since attending! (3 minutes)


Passion2Profit Business Training

Worth So Much More Than £1,997

What I cover in this 2-day business systems training is what people pay £1,997 to learn. Have you got so much belief in your product or service that you would let them experience the benefits like I’m doing…unconditionally?

I don’t have to sell you a thing during my Passion2Profit, just like you don’t need to be sold your “dream holiday” or “dream home”. Your two days of solid training will tell you if this really is the “dream business system” that you’ve been looking for!


This GIFTED OFFER When You Order Book @ £21.99 (P+P inc.)

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2 Days Passion2Profit (Value £1,997)


What Other Attendees Said

Click Play for Fion Chen’s results since Passion2Profit in October 2014.


Click Play to hear from past attendee Gary Thompson


This GIFTED OFFER When You Order Book @ £21.99 (P+P inc.)

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2 Days Passion2Profit (Value £1,997)


Where And When


Empire Way, Wembley,
London, United Kingdom HA9 8DS

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Saturday & Sunday
7th – 8th March • 2015

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These days you absolutely MUST be online with your business! Therefore my book, “The World’s Leading Internet Marketers Secrets Revealed” is essential reading to understand what you need to be doing right. Most small business owners, property investors especially, have a totally ineffective web presence that costs them lost revenue every single day! This book fills the gap!

Let me make this very clear one more time…you are buying my book! Your attendance at Passion2Profit is my GIFT to you for ONE-TIME ATTENDANCE only. As always, I also have a system in place to ensure that attendees are coming for all the right reasons. My mission is to help those who seek help from my 25 years of business experience.

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Please Follow Each Of These Instructions


Don’t book unless you are 100% sure of attending

Don’t bring anyone not registered as there are no door sales

Confirm your attendance on the telephone hotline after ordering your book – you are not registered until you do

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If I was running “just another seminar” I would want the biggest room and largest numbers…and get a degree of time wasters and seminar addicts attending. You don’t know what you are in for at Passion2Profit.

I have discouraged people from attending in the past if I sensed they were half-hearted. Please, I only want you attending if you are 100% dedicated and committed to change your current business fortunes! I take Passion2Profit seriously, and want you to do the same when it comes to your business.

I look forward to welcoming you at Passion2Profit! We will laugh together, perhaps shed a tear or two, but you will go away with a sense of belief and knowledge of exactly what you need to do next to move forward in your business. You really are getting so much more than the understated £1,997 total value in exchange for the purchase of my book!



David Lee


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