Seeking Opportunity With Eyes Shut And Blinkers On!

Follow These Rules And Don’t Kid Yourself!

I set the trap and they fell for it hook, line and sinker! They had attended seminars before and knew exactly what to expect. Little did they know what I had in store for them.

How much time can anyone spend as a self-confessed “seminar junkie” aimlessly wasting weekends on strategies that they will never implement? They entered the room and like a fortune teller I told them their future. “I will expose exactly what you are thinking, identify if you’ve got what it takes to be serious and successful in business, and finally, get you to re-evaluate your life and how you are are living it.”

I know already what you are thinking!

I’ve already started on my Entrepreneur’s Checklist of 5 points, the first being Time. If you don’t manage it, then it is lost forever. I was observing…could they arrive on time, value what they were receiving, or just think they can attend a business reinvention workshop like it was “just another seminar”. Some habits are just too hard to break…hmmm. The “Business in a Box” that needed the most work was the one between their ears. It was uncomfortable, but did they want to keep living in the town of Make Believe or in the real world?

They wanted to be entrepreneurs! But what System did they have? None. Not that that’s unusual, otherwise they wouldn’t need to be there. “If you want to run a successful business and not have a system to do it, you will be the first.” I had some work to do over the next 2 days as I was asking myself the question, “Who would want to do business with somebody like that?”

If you want a job working for yourself and all the other business-owner tasks, then you will be in the majority. But they said the wanted to be business entrepreneurs and free up their time and still be earning. Well, that means systems that automate and delegate tasks that you put in place and then step back from, otherwise you had a job again working for yourself and the staff that expect being paid.

Time Is Not On Your Side!

The next one is a big one in my book! What is your Word worth? Do you repeatedly say, “I’ll try”, “I’ll do my best”, “I hope to”, or worse still, “I will”, and then you don’t! It’s only over time that you can really judge if someone is true to their word. How many people do you know that you can really rely on to do what they’ll say and know it will be done? If you want the business and customer for life, make good on what it is you say you deliver!

There are so many people today struggling with Money. Don’t believe what you see on Facebook. What goes on in that town of Make Believe often has nothing to do with reality. A fancy car, expensive goods, perfect family with shiney white teeth…but deep in debt and just getting by (if at all) from one week to the next.

There are 9 million households in the UK today with serious debt problems, and not just those perceived as being on the lowest rung of society. Spend less than what you earn and you will always be in front. If you want to feel the sense of abundance then tythe 10% to good causes to motivate you into contributing (and receiving) more.

Women Learning From Other Women’s Experience In Business

And lastly, that good old entrepreneurial words about taking Action! I get them all to raise their hand that they could and would do some of the simple foundation tasks within the next 30 days. They always all put their hand up, as that is all a part of group behaviour. Yet, when they hear back from me by email on the 30th day, experience tells me that real life will have got in the way once more. However, there will be just a few that surprise us all and will remove the blindfold and blinkers that have held them back. And that makes it all worthwhile!

I showed them a “Make Believe” pot of gold on Saturday morning and they said it had to be “too good to be true”, or “what’s the catch”. By Sunday afternoon they knew I had been handing the pot of gold over the whole two days. I could feel their sense of guilt of prejudging my wife, co-presenter and me, even when meeting us for the first time. They had understood the pot of gold gift that had been given to them.

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