Passion2Profit UK – What To Expect (Part 5)

David: Hello! This is the last video from David and Fion. So Fion, how are we going to finish up today?

Fion: Hey David! You know what? I’m sure after the series of videos that you guys have been receiving and watching…

David: …and they’ve been getting my book as well!

Fion: Yeah, absolutely! So I’m sure so many people like you, just would be so excited and can not wait…

David: We’re going to show them how to do that. How to create their own book, so people get attention. But what’s your question?

Fion: Oh my god! That’s so excited! So how can they join us?

David: You know what? I’ve got a system for everything. And I’ve got a system Fion for you coming. You see, I want the right person coming along. I don’t want you sitting at an event where somebody in the break is trying to sell you a load of crap, or…

David & Fion: We want the right people!

David: So, what I do is a filtering system. Instead of trying to chase everybody, “Please, come to my event! Please, please, please…I need you!” Ah, ah…I don’t do that. I believe what we’ve got at Passion2Profit…

Fion: We want them if you think you are the right person.

David: And we only want you if really it is right for you and you’re right for us…a good match. So, I’ve got a filtering system Fion, so that I ask them, it’s not like free events although it is free. I make them buy my book. It covers the cost of the hotel, but it shows a little bit of commitment that they’ve actually put some money on the table to say that, “I am interested.” And even if the book is about internet marketing, this is not internet marketing.

I do that. I get them to phone up afterwards to commit to me that they are going to be there. Because this is our family, and if you don’t turn up to a family event, it’s like not turning up to a wedding and saying, “Oh, sorry about that.”

Fion: Maybe, this is maybe something that you to do as well. You want your client and customer to be committed to yourself and your products and services as well. You know, this is what David…

David: It’s the 80/20 rule! Do you want to be wasting your time with the 80%? Or do you just want the 20% that you know you can help, offer them something which is a training weekend where there’s no obligation. Got that? No obligation. And so, that’s why I make them do that.

And guess what Fion? If they don’t turn up, they’re never invited back.

Fion: Wow…wow…

David: This is like a family get-together and if you haven’t got the courtesy to ring me beforehand, well what does that say about you?

Fion: Yes.

David: Because we are family, what we do together. So that’s the reason I do what I do. Because do I really want to attract a whole lot of people? I just want a small group of people…

Fion: …who are committed.

David: And you find in a small room you get to know each other. It’s more personal. The experience is much greater.

Fion: Oh, it’s brilliant!

David: And that is the reason. So come to Passion2Profit for all the right reasons.

Fion: Experience it yourself as well.

David: And all your preconceptions I can guarantee what you think. If you’ve got the word “seminar” in your head…forget it! I want you coming with an open mind because anything that you say, “It is like something else”…it’s like nothing else, because is so unique…and the result will be, come the Monday morning, there will be no obligations, just go and implement what we say. But I’ve got a question for them Fion.

Fion: Okay. What was the question?

David: Come on in. Are you going to implement? Are you going to do it? Because, you know what? A lot of people come to seminars, and go to seminars. They spend their life at seminars and do you know how much they actually do Fion?

Fion: Hmmm…

David: Not much or nothing at all. You see, I don’t want them to go to another seminar again. I want them to actually implement and get the results that you’re getting. That’s why, you will find at Passion2Profit, you’ll get the answer. I’m going to do them a favour. They will either do one of two things. They will implement and their life will change completely. Just the simple tasks. We’ll give you a 30-day challenge. Or, they will do little or nothing and everything will be the same as before…except they will know the reason for it was them and no one else but them. So they will never have to attend another seminar in their life because they finally discovered why all those other systems didn’t work for them!

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