Passion2Profit UK – What To Expect (Part 4)

David: Hi! It’s David Lee here with another video training here, but this time with Fion…you’re going to be asking me the questions.

Fion: Well, right…okay. David, tell us about the Passion2Profit. What exactly are you offering to people that is so different to elsewhere?

David: Well, I’ve been in small business now in the United Kingdom for 20 years and doing business systems for many different organisations. So I’d be a consultant, or I would be working in the property world building systems there, or working as a consultant for people starting up there own business. I’ve seen it all Fion.

And, along that path, as I go along my path, I’ve had to develop my skills. So I couldn’t be the person I was 20 years ago, and this is what we talk about, we are always “work in progress”.

Fion: Yes, absolutely.

David: And so, I’d have to learn how to go from being the analytical person that I was, the consultant. I’d have to learn things like marketing. I’d have to learn how to speak effectively. I’d have to learn how to get up in front of people. Cause imagine if you’ve got a product or service, you might have to get up in front of an audience.

Fion: Yes.

David: I did things like Toastmasters so it would help me, you know, I had nerves. I was new, for me. But also, going through this I was using everything that I had accumulated over a lifetime, and I put it into Passion2Profit, and I add my own slant to it.

Now, if you can imagine, people go into business sometimes, for sometimes the wrong reasons. And that’s where the passion comes from. Are you really going to be following through if you’re not really that excited about it? That’s what we extract from people over the weekend. But are you going into the right business? You might be passionate about a business, but if the economy is saying it’s not in your favour… For example, I remember in the recession of the mid-80s, you might not remember that! But things like sports centres, gymnasiums, where you go and do fitness, they all tanked! Because that was something where people could choose to go to, but it wasn’t a necessity, and a lot of people went out of business.

But if you could see, like I understand, I look at how the economy affects you and your business. And I show this through demonstration. So I can tell you which are going to be growth markets, which are going to be markets in decline, and you can pick and choose what you want to do. But if the odds are in your favour I’m sure you’ll gravitate to what’s going to be growth industries.

Now I only do this Fion, because of all the research that I do behind the scenes. You think it’s just up on stage or in front of a group of people…

Fion: Thank you so much for all the work that you have done for us, thank you.

David: …that’s only a fraction of what’s involved with Passion2Profit. I’ve got my whole life knowledge, and the knowledge of my mentors, friends, people that I work with…you think, when you go and see people talking on stage, do you think they got all the answers themselves?

Fion: Every one of us, you know, have a mentor.

David: They just don’t admit it. They don’t acknowledge them. Well, I’ve got people that have helped me along the way. I will tell you about them, introduce you to them…

Fion: Embrace them.

David: …they do the same. We help each other. And, if you have that philosophy, acknowledge the people that help you, you find you’ll be a bit safer over the rocky road that’s coming ahead.

But I can tell you about the economy. I can tell you how it relates to your business, no matter even if you have a property business. The next strategy you’re going to do. The business decision you’re about to make. Everything that goes together cause it all fits together. It is a giant jigsaw puzzle. But, you know what? I don’t think I over-complicate it Fion.

Fion: Oh, you have made it so simple.

David: I make it simple, but I will tell you this. A lot of people would not want me saying what I say at Passion2Profit.

Fion: Well, actually, it’s quite difficult to make, you know, things simple. A lot of people out there, they might talk about all the jargon but, you know, it’s hard, it’s a skill to make it simple.

David: I believe that at Passion2Profit, my role and your role is to educate people.

Fion: Absolutely.

David: And you make up your own mind, your own decision. You see, it isn’t a sales weekend. It isn’t a pitch-fest or anything. It’s us two, my wife Sabera, and we are showing you what works to help you the best we can. It’s up to you to do whatever’s next.

But what I say quite often is, pulling in information so that you understand. But I guarantee it’s not what people would love for me to say at their event. If I was up on a stage and it’s a multi-speaker event and at the end of the 90 minutes, that promoter wants one thing. They want a sale. Is that correct?

Fion: That’s correct. That’s how they actually cover their own costs.

David: That’s how they cover everything. So I don’t need your money, I don’t need the sale. In fact, I only get them to buy the book to cover the costs of the event.

This is us really helping you with everything that the two of us know so that you can move forward in life. If you move forward in life I think you are going to tell people, so this makes it so unique and different. That’s why it’s passion.

Fion: It is.

David: We are “passion” to “your profit”. Okay, so we will speak to you the next time, and this is David Lee. We went a bit too long, but this is what I’m passionate about.

Fion: Thank you so much. You can feel the energy and the passion so we look forward to seeing every one of you as well.

David: Thank you.

Fion: Thank you.

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