Passion2Profit UK – What To Expect (Part 3)

David: Hi! It’s David Lee. I’m here with Fion Chen.

Fion: Hello!

David: What we are going to talk about today is about Passion2Profit. And the reason why I invited Fion to join me as a co-presenter. Now I’ve been presenting myself for Passion2Profit, but I always knew that I needed a woman to be able to co-present and to put it from the ladies point of view.

Now I know it’s more impactful if I have the man and the woman presenting, and…because business, whether it’s the client or whether it’s in business, made up of men, women, and we think, act and respond differently. And you kept asking me. I think you came to Passion2Profit, and yet, “How can I help you? How can I help you?”

And I said to you a couple of weeks before Passion2Profit, “Well, why don’t you co-present with me?” And that took you by surprise. But I must have seen something in you, something that I believed. Well actually did. I saw that Fion had potential to really go far and she could it with a lot of people, and that’s the reason Fion that I invited you.

Fion: Oh thank you.

David: What do you believe you’ve got to offer men and women at Passion2Profit?

Fion: First of all, you know, I would love to say a huge thank you to David Lee because he’s my mentor and also he’s become a very good friend of mine, and I love him as a person and he’s a great guy to work with.

One of the things I’ve noticed about the Passion2Profit is…we have seen so many talented women out there. They can benefit from this system and the stuff, you know, that David talks about in Passion2Profit as well.

And I’ve noticed, you know, over the years I’ve been in business…men run business and women are completely different. The men are very, very logical and women more kind of, you know, we have a lot more to show. We have more heart, emotion attached to our decisions dealing with business, dealing with clients. And this is something that we are, kind of, a bit, you know, opposite. But, to be honest, we can compromise each other and work quite well, you know, together in the business.

David: You know in Passion2Profit I have an image, and I believe it’s one of the most powerful images, that we have two sides of business. One is the head and the other one is the heart. Now, typically, the man is the head, the woman is the heart. You know what? You need them both. And that’s what I do, I merge the two images together so that they become one.

Because, if you want to become effective in business Fion, you’ve got to understand both sides of how people respond and how people react, and how they are reacting to you. And if you are just looking at it from the head or the heart, which the way we quite often our DNA is made up of, we are losing business all the time. It is so important. And this is what we are imparting to people that come to Passion2Profit…

Fion: …absolutely.

David: Now, you’ve got a lot of heart…and I’ve got a lot of head…and this is why we put it togeher. It makes sense between the two of us.

Fion: I think it works real well.Especially it’s the same when you guys are in business as well. You have to have a very, very strong product and services in order to sell it to your client or customers. But, on the other hand, people make decisions, purchase based on their emotion.

David: Yeah, definitely.

Fion: So you have to be a combination. The product and services must good enough for persons qualified to buy it, you client to buy it. But, you have to be good enough for them to make an emotional decision to buy it.

David: Well, they are buying into you.

Fion: Absolutely yes!

David: So, if they don’t feel the connection with you as a person, the way you express it. If they don’t feel good about it, do you know what? They’re not going to buy…no matter how good your product is.

Fion: Yes.

David: And so, when we have got you and me, we have that connectivity, we know we get a much better response. And actually, I remember, your first time, the first time you presented. It was the best and most emotional event. But also, people got more out of it and they commented how powerful Passion2Profit was. And that’s what I was looking for when you come to Passion2Profit. We’re looking forward to seeing you.

We’ll see you on the next training video. What we’re talking about…it’s really to get up close and personal with you so you get a better picture of what we’re talking about. None of this rah, rah, razzamatazz. It’s really, it’s a business. How we can help you as best as possible with what we know.

Fion: That’s fantastic. Look forward to seeing you all.

David: See you on the next video.

Fion: Thank you.

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