Passion2Profit UK – What To Expect (Part 2)

David: Hello, it’s David Lee. Welcome to today’s video training with my guest, Fion Chen.

Fion: Hello.

David: Hi Fion. What I’d like for us to discuss today is, who is Passion2Profit really aimed at. What type of person should be thinking about coming to Passion2Profit and why. Who do you think it is best suited to?

Fion: Well, this is really for somebody looking to start up their business. If you have a special talent or something that you, a raw gift, that you want to share it with the world, or maybe you’re not quite sure how to start it, how to start up a business…this is something for you as well, because we have a system step-by-step how you can actually benefit from, and how you can actually create and monetise that special gift that you have.

And also David, this is really, I’ve noticed, this is really for people who are already self-employed or maybe business owners as well, because it will definitely save you thousands and thousands and thousands of money in all the different marketing and branding your business. You need to grow your business and this is the right place for you.

David: People, for example, their job isn’t secure. They’ve got a lot of experience. You know that’s a fact Fion.

Fion: Absolutely.

David: And they have got to really lower their wage and they’re thinking, “What I am going to do?” They are “over-experienced”. Is that you, “over-qualified”? And there’s still some life left in the tank and you’ve got to do something. So, Passion2Profit will help you redirect what you’ve already got, the life skills and the business skills you’ve already got through employment and how to do it yourself.

Fion: Yes.

David: How to do it yourself. How to transfer…and it’s not always easy or obvious Fion.

Fion: No. Well, to be honest David, and that’s another thing that many people come…that we come across. Some of them kind of, you know, get fed up working at a job, and you know, “I don’t really like this job”, or, “I really have to get the pay”, and pay all the bills. But (they’re) stuck here. There is something inside them that is always feeling. That is something missing. They want to do something completely different and this is the right place for you.

David: Now people sometimes, Fion, believe it’s risky to go out and do it. You know, you can keep you job and start doing this part-time in your own time. Instead of watching “Neighbours” or whatever’s on the TV, I don’t know, but start doing this. And, you know, it’s also fun!

Fion: Absolutely! Especially, you know, Passion2Profit is turning your passion, monetising it, and turn it into a successful business. If this is what you want to do, come and join us.

David: And business doesn’t have to be a big business. It can be small business. But if you are totally reliant on your job, I’ve got to ask you this, “How safe and secure is your job going to be if that’s your only strategy for your cash flow today?” Are you going to invest in yourself to improve yourself, because if that job goes, what are you going to do, look for another job? And there’s no guarantees that there is another job. There’s not even a guarantee the job you’ve got even if you’ve got a job.

So it’s there to address a need that is out there.

Fion: It is time for you guys to take control of your own life and also your financial security as well.

David: So, we’d love to see you at Passion2Profit. We’ll catch you on the next video, but we’re just keeping it short and sweet, why you should be there and who’s it for, and things that people are really asking about. Thank you…we’ll see you in the next video.

Fion: Thank you so much.

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