Passion2Profit UK – What To Expect (Part 1)

David: Hi! This is David Lee with my special guest, Fion Chen. Thank you for joining me Fion.

Fion: Hello David.

David: What we are going to do in this video and over the next few videos is to talk about really, from your perspective Fion, about Passion2Profit. I’ve known you for a few years via the property investing circuit and seeing what you’ve been doing, which is really a business after all.

Fion: Absolutely yes!

David: And I know you’ve worked in various businesses since the age of 17, but getting involved with Passion2Profit…something must have aroused your attention. What was it about Passion2Profit?

Fion: I love Passion2Profit because it’s something I always believe. We all have the raw talent in us, each one of us. And if there’s a we can monetise it and turn it into a business, that will be great! So this is something that every one of you can do as well is turning your passion and unique talent and raw gift into a business and monetise it.

David: Now one of the differences between the businesses you’ve been involved with, which is when you arrived in the United Kingdom you were involved in your parent’s take-away Chinese restaurant and again in the property business, there’s a lot of effort you’ve got to put in, there’s a lot of time, personal time you’ve got to put in, especially when you’re starting up, is that right?

Fion: Absolutely.

David: And with Passion2Profit we’re trying to teach people how to automate, how to delegate, how to get things running on autopilot so you step back. What is it that you’re working on at the moment, for example, that you can see there’s a definite difference between what you’ve done before and what you are doing now in your business development?

Fion: Well, when I first started in business I did it in a very old traditional way. I employed staff, I spent thousands and thousands into marketing, and some of it worked and some of it didn’t work. And one thing I took on from Passion2Profit, I can use a very, very small cost on marketing and make it really work. And that’s something that’s really amazing as well.

David: The differences have been quite amazing with some of our students. I’ve just spoken to somebody that we both know. She’s got her own business and she was struggling with getting sales going, through getting people hiring out her motor homes. But when I’ve spoken to her, she says since Passion2Profit they are completely all sold out. Business has never been better, and even the look on her face about how her business is. Now we both know who we are talking about. You know her story.

Fion: Yes.

David: What’s the result with her?

Fion: Well, it’s one of my friends as well. She owns a motor homes business. Obviously I invited her to come along with the Passion2Profit a couple of months ago. And she only took upon one of the advices, the marketing strategy from David Lee, and her business just went, you know, doubled. And it makes me just happy that she’s making more profit by just implementing very small pieces.

I’m sure, not just people who are looking to start up business, but also very, very important, we have seen so many self-employed and business owners that corporate companies spend thousands and thousands and thousands of money into marketing, into advertising, promoting. Some of them really suck! And if you are only starting up now and you don’t have that budget, and like, it really kills you.

David: So at Passion2Profit we do cover this and much, much more.

Fion: Absolutely yes!

David: So if they think it’s “internet marketing”, or it’s just “branding” or what else they come up with, or this and that…it covers a whole gamut of things that you will encounter in business. And it’s very easy to comprehend and understand. It’s not overwhelm, but you will get nuggets through the whole two days that they can apply.

Fion: It’s more, more important is that, you know, is that all the techniques that you talk about, and is really very, very cost effective. And also, actions where you can start implementing in your business right away. And, one thing that is really amazing is all the stuff that you talk about it really, really works.

David: That’s what it’s all about. So thank you. I know Passion2Profit may be new, different, you don’t understand it, so I just wanted to get the female point of view, the woman’s personal touch about how Passion2Profit has worked for you and that’s why I have Fion with me presenting. Man-woman…we think differently, we act differently. We’ve got to understand how it works for our business for the women out there, the men…how to communicate your message. How to be effective more than ever.

We look forward to seeing you at Passion2Profit when you can make it. But please, look out for our next training video. Thank you.

Fion: Thank you so much.


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