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If you look closely at the video below you will see an extract from Passion2Profit where attendees are giving each other a hug. Now, you may think that this is what you have seen at seminars before. What I was demonstrating was something quite different!

There was a video playing in the background where the masses were reciting the answers to the stage questions like, “Who would like to have total wealth in your lives?”…”WHOAAA!!!” There were high 5s, dancing, meditating, hugging and all sorts of wonderfully exotic moves that are so far removed from real life that some of the attendees recognised watching what they had attended live!

At the end of playing the 90-second clips it made some of them think about the huge amounts of money they had virtually wasted and how ridiculous those in the video actually seemed to them now. Back to reality I explained the euphoria was just temporary, but business systems are permanent and unless they have them in place then success is just a pipe dream.

This is business…not a game! But we can still have fun along the way.

“Thanks for a great weekend at passion to profit I know I was tired after it so you must have been totally exhausted, after all the effort you put in.” – Nigel Smith

“Hi David,

Just wanted to say a very big thank you for an extraordinary weekend!

It was very different and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was one one of the first seminars I have been to where I feel motivated to make a concious decision to implement some of the tools we were given. It was the first seminar I have been to to that emphasised how important systems are, and had a systems approach. This was new to me, but very encouraging. I intend to create my dream card, change my business card, set out a series of actions to undertake and complete my life-print questions. I know that these steps alone will push me further than I have ever been, and I am looking forward to it. Thank you!”

Kindest regards

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  1. Landa George
    7 years ago

    I invested two days with David and Sabera Lee and it was a worthy investment! It has given me the formula for wealth with a step by step guide on how to create multiple streams of income doing something that I love!. With David, I experienced many AHA moments including the advice given on branding, market positioning and how to make your business card unforgetable. This two days was filled with so much information, I am considering attending again. I would urge anyone who has a business or is considering any type of venture to consider this seminar. You won’t regret it and it may change your life. Thanks David and Sabera.


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