First UK TV Appearance

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When you are given less than 5 minutes to explain on television “What it is you do?” then you had better know your lines well!

Take a look at how Christine Blackledge was able to deliver her message when the camera was focused on her! There were no second takes, no edits, and no umms or ahhs. When it looks so simple you just don’t see the work that has gone into making it appear that way.

Christine from the outset of developing her multiple business was concious of being able to tell her story. What she got was the opportunity to spread her message at no cost to a much wider audience than talking one-on-one. She had devloped her system that she sells online and offline. She had done public speaking and presentation training.

The was possible because she embraced the live weekend business systems training called Passion2Profit UK, and followed that up with ProfitPoint public speaking workshop. With mentors like David Lee and Joel Bauer she achieved just another of her goals of appearing on UK television, which is just another process described in the Passion2Profit system.

How would you manage if the lights fell on you and the cameras started rolled and you were asked, “What it is you do?”

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