Discovering Your Passion

Take a look at those people down there (in the picture)! In fact, I’m one of those people, on the far right in the middle of the back. That’s me, because I was wanting to discover my passion. I went Passion2Profit and quite a few times I attended that with Joel Bauer.

But now I’m presenting Passion2Profit in the UK. And just like I was doing back then, I wanted to rekindle the passion in the work that I was doing and get enthusiastic about it. It wasn’t going to be a job any more. It wasn’t going to be a chore. It was ┬ásomething that I had created, but I want to tell the world. Isn’t that what you want to do? What’s your passion?

That’s what we’ll be talking about, along with Monetising Your Dream, because when you get enthusiastic, excited, like I was excited, when I brought the system that I had created! Yes a system! I was able to monetise that system and more and more people wanted to know about it and invest in that system. It helped them. So we monetise our dream as we become successful.

And, how would it be, Making Money Doing What You Love. That is the formula. Not really going to and from an existence of a job that may be, and quite often, you don’t love doing. Let’s get the love, the passion, back into what you’re doing!

1. What’s Your Passion?

We can talk about terms like “teamwork”, “accountability”, “progress”…all these words that we the come up with when you have your staff meeting. But if there’s no passion about what you doing, if people aren’t enthusiastic about each other, who they are, what they’re doing, are they really achieving their life goals? More than just the monetary goals, are they achieving and fulfilling inside themselves what they feel they have the potential to achieve?

Unless we get back to the childlike state when we’re going to go to the moon, we were going to be the prima ballerina. We had all of these dreams, but they were taken away from us, weren’t they? We lost the passion. We were told what we could not do and we were sent down a path that was probably what other people suggested was a tried and tested path, but did it really get you to meet those goals, those satisfactions that you once had? Or was it lost along the way?

You know, many people are just in a job…just about broke, the formula doesn’t work and in this economy more than ever it is an opportunity, for those that wish to, to start developing their passion to profit.

2. Monetise Your Dream

So we learn to monetise our dream. We look into the sky. We look up and say, “How can I do this?” There is a formula! One of those formulas is having mentors. ┬áSomebody who has been down the track, who’s knows the pitfalls along the way, who knows what works and what doesn’t work. Because, we don’t want to take forever do we? We need people that can steer us along the path, and people that have been there make show they’ve got a track record.

When you’ve developed systems, rather than just developing a job, you virtually trying to take the job away from you and let the business that you create feed you, and feed your lifestyle. And yet, quite often we get distracted in feeling as though we have to exchange time for money and looking busy all the time. Well you don’t have to be busy all the time. Quite often you’ve heard of people creating, like a book or a record or something, and it creates repeat revenue. What if you could do the same with your business? What if you could create repeat revenue that you didn’t have to put in hours all the time? That’s how to monetise the dream.

3. Making Money Doing What You Love

So, how would it be making money doing what you love? Again, if you don’t have your personal life in order, what’s the good of making all this profit? If you’re going to die of bad health, bad nutrition, abusing your body, what’s the point of making all this money? And vice versa, if you do make the money and you’ve got no love in your life…there’s no passion, what’s the point?

It’s really about getting the balance between the two, because to have the longevity in what you’re doing you need to be able to balance both. It’s really about, when we come to Passion2Profit, understanding this about lifestyle, it’s about choice. Do we just want follow the rat race, the people that are going doing the same as everybody else because it’s comfortable, it’s like everybody else? But those that succeed, those you that want now about that you read about or aspire to be, do they follow the norm? No they don’t, they do something that’s different that makes them different to everybody else and sets them apart. And that’s what discovering your Passion2Profit is about.

These are three of the elements that make up Passion2Profit. This is David Lee. I hope to see you very soon at one my live events. Thank you

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  1. Pragnesh Ondhia
    8 years ago

    Hello David,
    I visited you on Saturday at Holiday Inn Brent Cross on invitation from my friend Deelip Acharya. I came late that day and was not able to come on Sunday because of prior commitments. I was well impressed with what I learnt. You have a wealth of information that I want to develop in my life.
    I look forward to be in communication with you.
    Kind regards,


    • David Lee
      8 years ago

      Hi Pragnesh!

      Remember this was a ONE-TIME ONLY gifted attendance? It is such a shame that you used up your one time because of other more important commitments.

      As I foretold, there were people that decided to pay for their seat @ 1,497 pounds, receiving massive free gifts in return.

      I suggest you register for my free training at or




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